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Natura Diureta Drops

Natura Diureta Drops a homeopathic medicine which assists in supporting the function of the kidneys and renal system to promote the excretion of excess fluid from the body.

Brand Natura
Content Drops
Pack size 25ml


Natura Diureta Drops

Apis mellifica acts on cellular tissue to relieve oedema of the skin and mucous membranes with redness, burning pain and swelling.

Apocynum cannabinum has a diuretic effect on a wide range of body tissue.

Bryonia alba treats accumulation of fluid in synovial and serous membranes.

Cantharis vesicatoria acts on the urinary tract to ease the flow of urine and prevent inflammation of the urinary system.

Cinchona succirubra alleviates the debility associated with loss of vital fluids. It also relieves swelling of the feet and joints.

Coccus cacti has a diuretic effect on body tissue, relieving a feeling of constriction in the heart and kidney pains that radiate to the bladder. It promotes urinary flow.

Natrium sulphuricum acts primarily to regulate the water balance in the body. It prevents excessive loss of fluid through urination and watery stools.

Sulphur is indicated to relieve debility that often accompanies cellular fluid disturbances.

Terebinthina relieves abdominal distention associated with blood in the urine and difficult urination.